Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Kim Kardashian's Tmobile Ad - Must Watch

Kim Kardashian West www.chinilive.com

Kim Kardashian West features on a Tmobile Promo Ad about how Mobile Networks tragically take back your paid-for Unused Data (Internet) every month.. #KimsDataStash. Ok, considerate enough..

Then.. she goes on to say you could have used the unused Data to see her #Makeup #Outfits #Vacations... The AHA moment- it wouldn't be complete without a dash of Kimliscousness.

Watch the video after the jump

Biko, I would use my Unused Data to @skype with my Brova and send more pix to my Mama.

@MTNNG, @AirtelNigeria, @etisalat_9ja and @GlobacomLimited take note.. Guide to promo Ads. Great Concept, but this kinda script wont move Nigerian people.. I think :)

Oh! and the Tmobile guys are giving away 10G of Data free.. #ThatWouldBeNice #Awoof

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