Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I woke up like this! Leaked Photos of Beyonce

Beyonce leaked

@Beyonce AKA Miss "Flawless" AKA Miss "I woke up like this" AKA Queen Bee AKA Mrs Carter is about to break the internet.
Untouched photos of her L'oreal campaign were leaked and people are going GAGA over it on twitter.
Common Guys, it's called a break out. Obviously a bad skin day, its nothing Good ole Photoshop can't fix :)

Read on for my view on this and to see more pictures...

Beyonce leaked

Beyonce leaked

Beyonce leaked

Some people are saying that touched up photos of celebrities send wrong signals to kids, giving them a false perception of perfection and leading them to self harm, while others don't agree.

I sort of agree with both sides, Kids are impressionable and should be guided to avoid self harm however putting up pictures of celebrities with pimples splashed across their faces isn't the answer - I certainly won't buy what she is selling. 

Once in a while some fresh faced, muffin-top belly, granny arms photos of celebrities should be shared. It just says its okay to be who you are, that's why i love some paparazzi photos. smiles... 

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