Monday, 18 February 2013

What caused the Bomb blast in Festac?

Bomb Blast Festac

I heard there was a bomb blast under Festac/Mile 2 link bridge earlier today. I prayed for it not be true but unfortunately it is. 

According to P.M.NEWS, a businessman, Oladele Pius, was  killed this morning when a bomb exploded as he was passing by. It was also reported that a policeman was seriously injured as his leg was severely damaged.

See photos below (Warning: Photos may be offensive to some)
Bomb blast Festac
 Mr Pius Oladele, a sand dealer died immediately....... May his Soul rest in peace

Bomb blast Festac
The policeman who was injured during the blast..... My Goodness

Still fishing for more details... and will keep you posted.
I have had an uneasy feeling since i heard this. Please share your thoughts on this


  1. I am still in shock! May God help us all in Nigeria

  2. Jesus! Don't tell me this boko haram people have gotten to lagos ooo? We don hear am!

  3. What the hell is wrong with this country? I'm outta here


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