Sunday, 10 February 2013

Romantic Fragrances for Valentine

Valentine Fragrance

This Valentine Season, MenaMe is giving special love discounts on a range of home fragrances. You can buy them as a gift or just to set the Valentine mood right.
Excite your senses and that of your valentine's with these luscious fragrances. It could be purchased per item, as a special pack, a box set or hamper.
Delivery options are available upon request.

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Pot Pourri 

N1000  N800  (Discount:  20%)

Scented Wooden Balls          

N100   N80 per ball   (Discount: 20%)

Scent Oil

N550 – 500 (Discount: 10%)

Fragrance Oil Diffusers       

N6500   N5,500    (Discount: 20%)

Diffuser Refill                  

N2500   N2000   (Discount: 20%)

Scent Sachets             

N800    N550 (Discount: 30%)

                   Fragrance Room Spray 

                   N1250  N1000  (Discount: 20%)

Dont wait until the last minute, send a mail to, indicate which items and packs you are interested in and  you will be responded to promptly.

Happy Valentine :)

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