Sunday, 17 February 2013

Revealed: What caused Goldie's death

Goldie Harvey Dead
The news of Goldie Harvey's death unleashed a flood of farewell messages to our dearly departed. We feel she was a sister, a cousin, a long distant relative, a close friend, even though we never spoke to her, that just shows you how charming she was.
So why did she die?
A medical rep analyzed what happened, see details after the jump
Please Read, it could save YOU or YOUR loved one's life..

"She died as a result of Deep Vein Thrombosis which lead to Pulmonary Embolisis #GOLDIE R.I.P....Advice to those who travel especially Long Flights/Buses/ Trains/ cars.. Please don't sit through out the journey..stand up and walk around..(Especially ladies on pills (contraceptives), sick people or those on medication, in fact anybody.. It is important you visit your doctors for check ups, before any long distant journey.

#Pulmonary Embolism is the major cause of sudden death..especially people who have traveled long flights (over 6 hours ..or undergone long surgery presents as Headaches, restlessness and then the person collapses...SUDDEN DEATH).. Please we can be more careful with our lives if we only go for checkups ...You can Google Pulmonary embolism (Deep vein thrombosis ..for better knowledge...."

In plain English  she died from a Blood Clot (DVT) , which affects the lower leg or thigh causing discomfort, pain etc. Now, when the clot breaks for some reason, the pieces move across the blood stream and blocks passage of blood to other vital organs: lungs, brain, this is called Pulmonary Embolisis and it leads to Sudden DEATH....

RIP Goldie- We really miss you.
Please note that this is  not the official autopsy report.


  1. This is crazy!!! Blod clot ke!

  2. Her live was snuffed out just like that.

  3. May her soul rest in peace

  4. May her gentle soul ripp I wish RIP means return if possible...we love u goldie bur God love u more


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