Saturday, 23 February 2013

People Talk: Which colleague to date?

Chini Live
Hello All, got this from a CL reader, who needs your advice on this:
I work in one of the banks on the island. For the past year or so i decided not to date anyone because i wanted to take my time. Well some weeks ago, one of my colleagues, from another branch took me out on a date and we so much fun. I've known him for a while and we would talk occasionally about life and work but on this date it was different, he held my hand differently, he spoke softly and he hugged me passionately. I liked it.. So we've been talking everyday since then.

Now, one of my colleagues who works in my branch shows up on very stressful Monday with a gift for me. It was a large box and i was too excited to ask why? it wasn't my birthday. I opened it to find a piece of paper, a Spa expensive spa ooo.
I went to the Spa and it was simply amazing.
Some days later, my colleague who gave me the gift asked me out. He said he'd been watching me and like everything about me, my principle, my stalk, my vision,he said even dreamt about me. He said he would love to date me...

Now i am confused!, By the way i and my other colleague still talk literally everyday


  1. Ya on your own ooo!

  2. Hello Banker, you shouldn't be confused because God is not an author of confusion. A few dates is not enough to decide on a future with anyone, neither is the quality of the date. Its good you know that dating colleagues is not ideal but permissible, cos it can affect work and your psychy if anything goes wrong. But if one of them is your true husband, then God will see you through so pray about it and study them to see their characters (pls don't double date). Just keep both as friends only and it will unrevel with God's help. Remember a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage.

  3. Don't date anyone that works in the same place jare...if it doesn't work out it just creates an uncomfortable atmosphere

  4. Sample both of them and chose the one that rocks ur world the most...chikena! LOL


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