Sunday, 9 December 2012

America's Next Top Model: Men and Technology

Tyra Smize
America's Next Top Model  cycle 20 has some major changes, they are casting now for Women and get this -Men!!!!.

This episode also gets a Techie up-do with a new iphone app called 'Smize Yourself' (0.99cents), which features tips on how to smile with your eyes, apply make up and other cool stuff.
According to Tyra, 8 people will skip interviews with casting directors and long waiting lines to audition with her personally.To apply- wear red lipstick, use the app to 'smize yourself' and post an exaggerated smize with hashtag #RedLipSmize on twitter. The  smize contest for girls ends Dec 12.

Here's Tyra reviewing applicants for casting  (left) and a smize photo (right)
Tyra posted this 'Liquid Sexy' picture on Twitter to let the boys know that their smize contest is coming soon.

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