Sunday, 25 November 2012

Warning: Pedophiles on the Rise in Nigeria!!!!

Pedophiles on the rise
Yes it's true.  Pedophilia is on the increase in Nigeria. Its in the news prints, radio, TV and social networking sites everyday.
 Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues, Please BEWARE OF THEM!

We need to pay more attention to our kids and our environment at large.
In May 2012, Lagos State Government reported over 383 girl- rape cases with only 11 convicted felons of such crimes in just one year.
An NGO in Calabar, demanded that the Federal Government takes urgent action against these despicable acts,with emphasis to the growing number of child rape cases in the Niger Delta. Following shorty, the NGO informed that over 18 rape cases were reported in Port Harcourt within 6 months, for which only 2 of these cases went to trial.

Here is a list of some reports cases:

  • April 2012- 42 female secondary school students were attacked and some raped by a 12-man robbery gang along Ore-shagamu expressway, Ogun State on their way back to Lagos from Enugu.
  • August 2012- 2 Friends Gang-raped, a 17 year old girl and forced her to perform lewd acts in Lagos
  • August 2012- In Ogun state, a 20 year old reportedly raped his neighbour's 11 year old daughter repeatedly until he was caught and arrested.
  • September 2012 - An employee of a newspaper company allegedly raped eight children between the ages of 8-15 years. He apparently lured the children by sending them on errands and when they returned to his apartment he would rape them. It was reported that he raped two friends on one occasion.
  • September, 2012- 33 year old pedophile defiled 8 female children ages between 3 and 6 years around his neighbourhood in Enugu state. He would lure them by asking them to buy biscuits or watch cartoon in his apartment. It was reported that all 8 children tested positive with STDs.
  • March 2012 -A mentally unstable man walked into a house and saw a 2 year old baby unattended to and raped her.He was caught in act and arrested but later released on grounds of mental instability
  • March 2012 - A 29 year teacher at a private nursery and primary school in Osun State was caught raping a seven year old in the school toilet.
  • September 2012- A viral video was circulated showing a house girl in her late teens or early twenties defiling a little boy aged between 3 -5 years at the back of the house.
Reports culled from Guardian, Vanguard Punch, PM News, Sun Newspaper and Daily Times

These were just those reported, there are still hundreds of unreported and even unspoken cases. Please be suspicious of  everyone and report of any suspicious activities to the authorities
God Help Us.

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  1. If they are confirmed pedophiles, you can start posting their names and pictures on the internet or on your website. let's start creating a database for them; even if they are alleged pedophiles. Alleged simply means "i think you did it, but i am yet to catch you in the act." where there's smoke, a little fire may have started or may have quickly been put out before anyone sees it.


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