Sunday, 18 November 2012

President GEJ will now take your questions


The  media chat with President Jonathan has begun.

It is being aired on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) network, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and Voice of Nigeria (VON) from 7pm to 9pm.
The general public was invited to send in their questions  via twitter @mediachatng or via SMS to +2347026076865

Questions from tweeps have been pouring in @mediachatng, take a look:
  • I want to know why Mr President is keeping the Petroleum minister, despite the corruption in her ministry 
  • Why is it that despite the huge money being spent on a  yearly basis by the federal govt. We still cant see the country is growing.
  • EFCC has not convicted one person since u became president, Naija is the 2nd most corrupt country in world. Why?
  • What is the success story of the reinvestment programme?
  • Why is salary of federal workers paid late?
  • Is it actually true that another subsidy will be removed in January?
  • What are you doing about unemployment?
  • Why cant the refineries be privatized openly and allow d  private sector zero% tax for 5 yrs? So all dis fuel wahala ends
  • Have u recently driven or have u been driven on the east west road?Do u know how bad the road is from phc to warri?
  • Pls Sir, what are you doing about boko haram that is killing people like animals?
Phew!! That was a long post. Tune in, it has started.

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